memoQ Day Krakow, Radisson Blu Hotel, Krakow, piątek, 25. październik 2019

What are the main concepts behind memoQ, the world’s most comprehensive enterprise-class translation system? Where is memoQ heading to? What is the secret that propelled memoQ to its current market leading position? How come memoQ can ideally optimize your organization’s translation processes regardless of whether you are a translation service provider or a big enterprise? How can you improve productivity and reduce overheads immediately after introducing memoQ at your organization?
Following the success of major memoQ events such as memoQfests and memoQ Days around the globe, the memoQ team organizes memoQ Day Krakow on the 25th of October, in Krakow, Poland.
memoQ Day Krakow will not be a typical learning event: those who have attended memoQfests surely know that networking and fun are integral part of the events the memoQ team organizes. We will be happy to continue this tradition, and we will offer a great mixture of learning and networking opportunities, with drinks and snacks included.

memoQ Day Krakow

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