Netguru Hangout: chill.js, Netguru, środa, 25. wrzesień 2019

It’s time to chill again! Summer has come to an end, and we’ve put some work into refreshing our brand. Everything besides the name remains the same, the formula, the chill and, what’s most important to you, the community. We are super excited to invite you to the next edition of Netguru Hangout: chill.js, a JavaScript-focused meetup! 
The main event will consist of presentations held by experienced devs. Afterwards, there will be time for networking, exchanging ideas, and discussion with other bright minds. Expect pizza, beer, and good vibes! 
Come and join us on 25 September at Netguru's headquarters in Poznań at Wojskowa 6.

18:00-18:15 Short Intro 18:15-20:00 Speakers’ Presentations20:00-22:00 Networking

- Aleksandra Kasprzak | Why frontend developers should care about blockchain UI- Karol Świeca | Help your future self with Abstract Syntax Trees-  Aleksander Drożak | TBA

It's really good to chill.js sometimes!

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Netguru Hangout: chill.js

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